Does Your Content Spark Joy?

Keeping the content clean and organized is an important part of enterprise content management. Letting go of unnecessary stuff is what allows the necessary stuff to shine through.

Staying in the Loop with Taxonomy

Organize and classify your content to make it more findable, and usable by implementing different layers of taxonomy in your CMS to build meaningful relationships and connections between your content.

How Your CCMS is Just Like an Instant Pot

Find out why moving from unstructured authoring to structured authoring and using a CCMS is very similar to learning how to cook a meal using an Instant Pot – and learn the secret to being successful when you do.

Structuring Your Images for a Seamless Content Experience

To achieve personalized, dynamic content delivery — to provide the information your customer wants, when and where they want it, in the language of their choosing — you need structure for all of your content. This includes images as well as text. And also video, audio, animations, 3D mechanical diagrams, customer service conversation prompts, demo bots, and augmented reality overlays.

What is Content, Anyway?

The word content is repeated so frequently it seems to lose its significance. Let’s take a step back and answer a simple question – What is content, anyway? Here’s what some of our in-house content experts had to say.

Our Community in Times of Crisis

"Val! How ARE you? How is your HOUSE??" "Val! I heard about your house! Are you okay?" "Is there anything you need? Can I help you in any way?" These are a few of the exchanges I have had recently via email, social media, and in person. People who I barely know have...

Chatbot Challenges

What does it take to have a successful content strategy that includes chatbot technology? Learn more about the challenges that we face and what we can do to leverage artificial intelligence and natural language processing to start creating more convincing and engaging chatbots.

In Very Good Company: Top 25 Content Experience Influencers

Last week, Mindtouch released the results of their most recent version of the Content Experience Top 25 Influencers list. I am delighted to be included among our industry's top 25 influencers. I am in very good company. The other 24 people who make up the Top 25 are...

When Choosing a Translation Vendor, Size Matters!

  There’s an old adage that no one gets fired for hiring IBM. But does this adage transfer conceptually to the selection of a translation service provider? I think not. When choosing a vendor, size matters, and bigger isn’t necessarily better, especially for...

Confessions of a DITA Virgin: Where’d You Go?

Dear DITA Virgin, I’ve been lurking behind the scenes learning about DITA by following your blog. But you seem to have disappeared. What gives? Sincerely, Wondering and Increasingly Tense in Galveston Dear Waiting, I’m glad that you’ve been enjoying the posts! I’m...

Six Tips For Acing Your First Content Industry Conference

You’re headed to your first conference and you have no idea what to do. Worry not, fellow conference-goer: you're not alone. Others have blazed the trails before you. Whether you’re a freelancer, working for a startup, or representing a big-name corporation, read on...

Confessions of a DITA Virgin: Is Your Formatting Automated?

Dear DITA Virgin, I’m glad to have found you – yep, I’m a DITA virgin, too. I have a lot of questions about something you said in your last post. You said, “we could write everything in plain, unformatted text - no bold, italics, heading 1, 2, or 3 styles, no...