Best Practices in Global Content Management

Guest blog post by Marcia Kadanoff, CMO of Content Rules.

If you want to put in place best practices in global content management at your company, be prepared to change your processes. See below for an outline of what is involved by Val Swisher, CEO & Founder of Content Rules, from a presentation she recently gave at a private customer session sponsored by We Localize, a Content Rules partner.



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    For the best practices in content management, you require an archiecture, which considers ALL (Taxonomy, audiences, and roles). The only way to do it right, is to consider this for each and every record within the CMS/Portal. Failure to do so, will result in siloed information, and a flawed CMS strategy.

    I have implemented nearly 60 CMS Portal solutions in behalf of clients over the past 13 years. These include Vignette, IBM, Sharepoint (mostly sharepoint), Sitecore, Ektron, you name it. There is only one product that I can say without question has an architecture build ‘around’ best practices and that is a product called Centralpoint by Oxcyon.

    I have now only two installations/implementations under my belt, but have been incredibly impressed at the scalability and amount of thought which went into its design. I must confess that there is so much functionality built into it, it first had me a little overwhelmed. After my second implementation, I can say unequivocally that it is better than anything I have seen. I have since gone back to a handful of older clients (wherein I still maintain their older CMS installation), and they are interestd in migrating.

    Please contact me if you are looking at Centralpoint by Oxcyon, to implement your CMS or Portal solution. I believe I have the experience you need to retrofit it for your organization’s needs.

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