Last week, Mindtouch released the results of their most recent version of the Content Experience Top 25 Influencers list. I am delighted to be included among our industry’s top 25 influencers.

I am in very good company. The other 24 people who make up the Top 25 are well-respected colleagues, most of whom I have known for years.

It’s wonderful when people in a competitive industry can step back and recognize the achievements of their peers (even if their peers are competitors).

In addition to the Top 25 Influencers, the report also contains the list of Top 200 Content Strategists. Both lists have a mix of consultants and corporate employees. It’s always a great experience when we get to work together.

Congrats to all who made these lists. And thank you for the honor.

Val Swisher

Val Swisher is the CEO of Content Rules. She is a well-known expert in global content strategy, content development, and terminology management. Using her 20 years of experience, Val helps companies solve complex content problems by analyzing their content and how it is created.

When not blogging, Val can be found sitting behind her sewing machine working on her latest quilt. She also makes a mean hummus.