“Start with the end in mind.” This is my new mantra when I think about the end-to-end process of developing content for the global marketplace. If we consider translation when we write content, the quality of the translations will go up and the cost of creating the translations will go down.

In the next few posts, I will elaborate on 5 things that writers and editors should consider when they create content that will be delivered in multiple languages.

Here is a brief rundown:

  1. Eliminate unnecessary words
  2. Keep sentences as short as possible
  3. Say the same thing the same way, every time
  4. Avoid grammatical structures that are difficult to translate
  5. Avoid idiomatic phrases that have no meaning in other cultures and languages

As I’ve mentioned many times in this blog, I do not consider myself an expert on translation and localization. So, I am looking forward to hearing from you on additional items to add to this list.

Val Swisher
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