San Francisco, CA, February 11, 2011 – Acrolinx GmbH, PROMT and Content Rules, Inc. today announced the new linguistic asset exchange and integration partnership to help improve content development for Enterprise and SMB companies that sell to international markets.

Multilingual content development industry leaders to join forces

Under the agreement, the Acrolinx IQ server environment will be optimized for integration of PROMT linguistic dictionaries, and Content Rules will be including PROMT-compliant dictionaries as part of their SaaS offering powered by Acrolinx IQ. PROMT, in turn, will synchronize Acrolinx IQ rules with PROMT Translation Server (PTS). Content Rules will provide seamless integration of Acrolinx dictionaries into PROMT format using open localization standards. All clients, using either SaaS or an in-house deployment of Acrolinx and PTS, will benefit from the best practices of the three market-leading content authoring and automated translation companies.

“Acrolinx customers demand interoperability. We now have the ability to include PROMT domain and client-specific dictionaries as part of their terminology assets,” said Andrew Bredenkamp, CEO of Acrolinx. “This initiative creates a standard for domain-specific dictionaries that can be used by enterprise and small/medium size companies.”

“PROMT domain-specific dictionaries will help Content Rules SMB customers quickly implement their SaaS installations,” said Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules. “With this dictionary and rules exchange project, they now have the ability to prepare for machine translation during the content creation phase.  The PROMT-compliant dictionaries are available for both Enterprise and SaaS customers through Content Rules.”

“This strategic initiative opens new ways of managing the multilingual content creation process for our clients,” said Olga Beregovaya, CEO of PROMT Americas. “Both PROMT and Acrolinx IQ put a strong emphasis on the customers’ linguistic preferences. They will now have end-to-end consistency in proprietary terminology and rules, with a guaranteed relevant machine translation choice.”

About Acrolinx

Acrolinx develops technology for Information Quality Management. Their flagship product, Acrolinx IQ, provides an enterprise system that promotes quality and efficiency during content development. Acrolinx IQ gives writers access to best practice writing standards, terminology and intelligent reuse of existing content. The tools provided by Acrolinx IQ improve productivity, decrease localization costs and accelerate time to market. Companies including Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Philips, Siemens and many more, rely on Acrolinx IQ for managing information quality. Acrolinx maintains its headquarters in Berlin, German. For more information, please visit

About Content Rules

Formerly Oak Hill Corporation, Content Rules reduces the cost of globalizing your content, so you can expand your brands’ footprint into more markets. Implemented in the cloud, ContentRules™ IQ targets companies with an in-house team, reducing the cost of localizing content by up to 40% while enforcing control over content quality and brand standards. For those customers who don’t have an in-house team, Content Rules provides the people and expertise needed in four areas: technical documentation, training development, marketing collateral, and global readiness. For more information, please visit


PROMT is the leading provider of enterprise-scale automated translation platform solutions. PROMT translation products have received numerous awards from trade shows, computer magazines and industry analysts in North America and Europe. The company has recently announced the release of its new DeepHybrid translation server, which combines the robustness of the rule-based output with the benefits of statistical machine translation technology. For more information please visit

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