Autumn brings some great conference opportunities for content professionals — and Content Rules is in the middle of it all! Come learn from Val Swisher, Regina Lynn Preciado, and other content experts all up and down the west coast this fall.

It’s not too late to register for any of these conferences. And when you arrive, don’t forget to come by the Content Rules booth and say, “Hi!” In our increasingly digital world, it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet (or meet again) face-to-face.

SDL Connect, October 9-10, Burlingame, California

SDL Connect 2019

SDL Connect focuses on enterprise content strategy as supported by SDL’s content management and localization solutions. It’s a great way to learn about how industry-leading toolsets can support (but should not drive) your enterprise content strategy. 

Stop by the Content Rules booth to chat with Regina and Gaela, have a treat, and enter to win a copy of Val Swisher’s book Global Content Strategy: A Primer. You can register at the SDL Connect website and we’ll see you there! (For more info about global content strategy, learn the 10 golden rules of global content strategy and watch the Holy Trifecta of Global Content Success On-Demand Webinar.)

Adobe DITAWORLD, October 9-11, Online


Adobe DITAWORLD is a virtual conference, so there’s no booth to find. But it means you can attend from the comfort of your own device, anywhere in the world. Plus, it’s free! 

Among the many great sessions, you can catch Regina on October 11 at 2:00 p.m. (Pacific). She’ll speak about applying DITA best practices to non-DITA content. You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop criteria to determine what content to DITA-ize and what content not to
  • Bring DITA best practices to unstructured content
  • Include structured and unstructured content in a unified content strategy

Register at the Adobe DITAWORLD website. And if you’re wondering what structured content is, Val Swisher has a fantastic introduction for you. Watch The Tale of the Structured Closet on-demand webinar.

LavaCon, October 26-30 Portland, Oregon


Stop by our booth at LavaCon and enter to win an iPad Mini! Entry forms will be available in your conference bag and at our booth (or you can just drop in a business card). While you’re there, chat with Regina and Gaela about your content challenges and how Content Rules can help you solve them.

In other news, Regina is facilitating a LavaCon pre-conference workshop all about reuse; from developing a reuse strategy to how to write for reuse. Activities include:

  • Analyze content
  • Create a reuse matrix
  • Make decisions about the 3 Gs—goals, granularity, and governance
  • Write for reuse (including text, images, and video)
  • Document everything and identify next steps

This session is a hands-on workshop — did we mention you’ll be writing? — and takes place on Sunday, October 26, from 8:30am to noon. After that, you can catch Regina for a conversation at the Content Rules booth, at lunch, or during one of the networking receptions.

Learn more about the session and register for LavaCon. Enter our referral code ContentRules when you register and get $200 off the conference price!

And if you’re wondering why reuse is so important, read Val’s take on Why Single-Sourcing Content Is Better than Copy-and-Paste.

Content Strategy Applied, October 29-30, San Jose, CA

Content Strategy Applied

Come see Val Swisher on Tuesday, October 29, and learn how to help make your digital transformation a success. And come back on Wednesday, October 30, to learn about the importance of inclusive terminology in the workplace.

Attend Why You Need Content Transformation for a Successful Content Strategy on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at 9:55 a.m. (Pacific) to discover:

  • The difference between content conversion, migration, and transformation
  • The pitfalls of content conversion and migration without content transformation
  • How do you begin transforming your content

Attend The Importance of Words in an Inclusive Workplace on Wednesday, Oct. 30, at 3:30 p.m. (Pacific) to discover:

  • How things manifest because we give them names, labels, and descriptions
  • How evolving vocabularies impact how we see ourselves and how we relate to others
  • How the content we craft is influenced by environmental language

Content Rules is sponsoring the networking wine reception on Tuesday, October 29, 5:30 P.M. (Pacific). Come unwind with us after an intense day of learning and enjoy your very own, full-color, 3-ply, Content Rules souvenir cocktail napkin at no extra charge!

LocWorld, November 6-8, San Jose, CA


Val will be facilitating a hands-on localization readiness workshop on Wednesday, November 6. Participants will work through a collection of samples typical of localization projects and create a project that is ready for handoff to a service provider.

This session is a pre-conference workshop and registration is separate from the main conference. See the LocWorld Registration page for information.

On Thursday November 7, Val will speak in the main conference about why you need content transformation, especially as it applies to localization.

Sneak Peek: Information Development World, February 25-28, 2020 Palm Springs, CA

Information Development World

If you’ve been to IDW, you know that it’s the place to share ideas with the best and brightest in the business. Always innovative, never boring, the feedback we get most often is “Very practical, real-world, I learned things I can put into practice today” and “I wanted more!”

As the hosting sponsor, we thought we’d do something a little different this time. We’re inviting everyone to step out of the fast-paced environs we usually work in and have an “industry offsite” in beautiful Palm Springs, CA.

You’ll learn from a mix of evidence-based case studies, lessons learned, best practices, how-to sessions, hot topics sessions, and stories of success and failure. The call for speakers is open, so if you have a story to share, let us know!

And there you have it — a round-up of where you can find us on the fall conference circuit, plus a sneak peek into the next IDW. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Regina Lynn Preciado