In this article, Tom Johnson, a writer for the LDS Church in Utah, outlines the pros and cons of wiki-based, community-created documentation. In this blog post on, Tom discusses the issues he has faced with having way too much to do, and some of the solutions he considered.

Ultimately, Tom has decided that MediaWiki is his best solution. He believes that it provides a good platform for community-based authoring using volunteers (the LDS has lots of people to volunteer). Tom also thinks that the localization issues are minor. I happen to disagree with this, as do some of the people who have commented on his blog. Among the other comments I have read is the growing issue of “vetting” the content. Curation is going to become more and more important as companies use wiki-based approaches to content creation. Here is the beginning of his article:

“Last week I was feeling a bit stretched out about not having enough time to accomplish everything I needed to do.”

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