Guest blog post by @choyberg / Mary Rosberg, Director of Strategic Accounts, Content Rules, inc.

I’ve been in Barcelona for 2 days, but the energy and engagement feels like a week! Taking a breather to catch up and BLOG. Muchas gracias  to @valswisher for allowing me to guest-blog here.

Day b4 LocWorld 2011: Monday, 13 June, 2011

Arrived 8am Monday, walked all over Barcelona to fight jetlag, from Pl. Pius XII to La Sagrada Familia to Pl. Cataluña. A cabbie finally waved his hand, gesturing compassionately to get in and get back to the hotel.

<View from my hotel room>

In the lobby, I ran into Welocalize pals Erin Wynn, Gavin Grimes, and Derek Coffey. Hijinks ensued. I headed to elevator to go to bed, but ran into Renato who suggested I come out to the Beer Garden for fresh air.  🙂

Met terrific folks who give so much back to the industry through Translators Without Borders, ELIA, and more: Anne-Marie Colliander Lind, Jessica Rathke, George Gombas, Mauricio Garza, John Terninko, and of course, Renato Beninatto.

L10N Gang

Also got in a short Hola with Ulrich Henes, before he had to hurry off to put the final details on LocWorld’s next day to bed.

In the garden, and over tapas, we talked a little work, and alotta life.  Just like I like it. 🙂

Work? Standards. Sales. Global-ready content. How to tell a story.

Life? Family. Adventure. Opportunity. Photos.

Before I knew it, it was 11:30pm. Time to crash. (Flash forward to today: I NOW know that 11:30pm is a quite weak showing, when it comes to being out in Barcelona.)


Val Swisher