Dear DITA Virgin,

I’ve been lurking behind the scenes learning about DITA by following your blog. But you seem to have disappeared. What gives?

Wondering and Increasingly Tense in Galveston

Dear Waiting,

I’m glad that you’ve been enjoying the posts! I’m sorry it’s been so long since the last one. Your intrepid DITA Virgin has no good excuse – he’s just been busy. We will get back to providing information about DITA concepts soon. In the meantime, if you’re really interested in learning more, let me recommend some reading material that’s coming in handy during the creation of these posts.



  • “DITA 101: Fundamentals of DITA for Authors and Managers,” by Ann Rockley, Steve Manning, and Charles Cooper. This one seems rather obvious doesn’t it? This isn’t highly technical (that’s a good thing for me) and it explains the concepts quite well. I really think you should read this.
  • “DITA Metrics 101: The Business Case for Intelligent Content,” by Mark Lewis. This book will help you identify how much time you’ll save…what your project will cost…how to track the success of your project. These metrics can be used to build your case for moving to DITA (or help you see that there might not be sufficient ROI to do that in your organization).
  • “Intelligent Content: A Primer,” by Ann Rockley, Charles Cooper, and Scott Abel. In addition to providing a high-level description of intelligent content uses, benefits, objectives, and challenges, this book provides case studies which will be helpful for making your case to move to DITA.
  • “Single Sourcing: Building Modular Documentation,” by Kurt Ament. While not DITA-specific, this book describes the fundamentals and the advantages of building modular content.
  • “Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy,” by Ann Rockley and Charles Cooper. This comprehensive book covers “a repeatable, systematic plan that can help you reach your customers, anytime, anywhere, on any device.” It’s less about DITA and more about the end-to-end process of creating structured, intelligent, and reusable content.

I’ll be back with topic-specific posts in the near future. In the meantime, happy reading!

The DITA Virgin