Ugur Akinci is one of my favorite bloggers. He is the owner of the Technical Communication Center and an experienced writer. Ugur’s posts are usually insightful and well-balanced.

In this post, Ugur discusses three publishing platforms for eBooks: Kindle, Moodle, and a new one called Tizra. Kindle has the great advantage of being Amazon-based. This means that as long as you pay attention to your titles and keywords, your SEO is pretty much taken care of by the oodles of traffic hitting Amazon every day. Unfortunately, Kindle does not allow you to publish .pdf files, but Ugur shows you a work-around using a “Save as” feature in MS Word.

Moodle has reader interaction, which is missing from both Kindle and Tizra. Moodle is an open-source platform, which means the price is right. It is used quite a bit by universities around the world.

The new entry in the market is Tizra. Tizra’s claim to fame is that it can publish .pdf files. Unfortunately, it lacks interactivity (like Kindle), and since it doesn’t have the same traffic advantages as Kindle, targeted search can be an issue.

To read Ugur’s full post, which has many more details, click here.

© Ugur Akinci Every week I hear about yet another “platform” to self-publish content online. Today I had the chance to have a look at and wanted to compare it to Kindle and Moodle, two of my favorite publishing platforms.


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