Every now and then, I post a topic from my [seemingly endless] wish list. Today I want to talk about a couple of LinkedIn wishes that perhaps some of you share. Or, perhaps I’m not doing something correctly and you guys can set me straight.

Let me begin by stating, unequivocally, that I love LinkedIn. I met Reid Hoffman when LinkedIn had 35 people and I was an early adopter. I do good business using LinkedIn and am most appreciative of their efforts.

That said – there are a few things they could change that would make my life a whole lot easier.

When I write a blog post (such as this one), I go out to LinkedIn and post it to to all of my groups that seem appropriate. So, I will post to Technical Writers, STC, Localization Professionals, you get the jist. It takes me a lot of time to post and repost and repost the article.

Wish List Item #1: Set up an interface so I can write once, post many from a single screen. For example, have a scrollbar that lists all of my groups. Allow me to put a check in a checkbox next to each group that I want to include.

I have an even bigger wish than that. When I post to multiple groups, it starts multiple, separate conversations. And there is no way to join these conversations together. I might have four or five different threads going with different people in different groups. It would be terrific if these conversations were not silo’d and if everyone involved could see everyone else’s comments and have just a single discussion.

Wish List Item #2: Get rid of the silos. Allow multiple groups to share comments on the same LinkedIn post.

Finally – this one is probably pie in the sky – in my ideal world, everyone who reads my article is actually directed back to my blog on my website. That way, the folks commenting on the blog post are joined with the folks commenting on LinkedIn. Plus, I really want the traffic to be sent to my website. Who are we kidding?

Wish List Item #3: Allow me to point my posts to the original article on my blog.

If any of these things can already be done, please please let me know. And if anyone from LinkedIn is listening, gosh you could go a very long way in increasing ease of use and sharing if you’d consider my wishes.

Who’s got the magic wand?

Val Swisher
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