I’m so pleased to announce a new blog on the Content Rules website. It is called Great Advice Rules and you can find it here. This blog is for contractors and consultants, and others who are looking for jobs (which is why we put it in the jobs section of the website). In this blog, you’ll find all kinds of great advice for job seekers and consultants.

Currently, we have two different series of advice:

  • A Recruiter’s Advice – authored by Andrew Davis who is responsible for talent here at Content Rules. Andrew provides all types of information on how to create a resume, whether or not you should list side jobs, and more.
  • How to be a Rock Star Consultant – authored by Mira Wooten, our VP of Business Development. Mira describes what it takes to be a rock star; someone who is requested time and again by Content Rules and by clients.
Both of these series contain all kinds of useful advice that you can put into action now.
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