I have written before about Translators Without Borders. They are an organization that works with NGOs to bring translation services to people who need them around the globe. Think of them like Doctors Without Borders – except the role of the translator is to help people communicate. In fact, the pairing of a doctor with a translator in a third world country is an extremely effective match, as you can imagine.

I have the utmost respect for this organization and its leader, Lori Thicke. Lori has assembled the very best minds in the burgeoning field of translation and cross-cultural communication on her Board. They are doing a fabulous job.  The Huffington Post recently published an interview with Lori written by Nataly Kelly of the Common Sense Advisory. Lori discusses the organization, how she started it, how they work, and more. Did you know that since January, Translators Without Borders has translated 2,170,859 words? All for free.

Please read the article and support this organization. It’s the holiday season and a gift to TWB will help support so many people around the world. You’ll be glad you did.

Val Swisher
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