translators-without-bordersToday, Translators Without Borders announced the second annual Access to Knowledge Awards. The award winners are chosen by the Board of Directors and advisors for their “above and beyond” dedication to the organization.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I would like to personally thank each of the award winners for their dedication to the mission of translating for humanity.



Here are this year’s winners:

The Excellence Award Awarded to an individual who has gone above and beyond the call-of-duty in helping Translators without Borders meet its mission.

Awarded to Josefina Zubillaga

The Right to Knowledge Award Awarded to an individual (or company contributor) who has made a difference through his or her ongoing commitment to translation of humanitarian information.

Awarded to Ashutosh Mitra and Eric Ragu

The Empowerment Award Awarded to an individual whose work has allowed us to significantly move the barometer in increasing language capacity within a critical region of the world.

Awarded to Marek Gawrysiak and Lucjan Szreter

The Humanitarian Communicator Award Awarded to a non-profit who understands the critical link between language/translation and access to critical knowledge.

Awarded to Wiki Project Med Foundation

The Donor Award Awarded to the individual or company or foundation/trust that has made a significant financial contribution to aid TWB in meeting its mission.

Awarded to Rubric

The Communicator of the Year Awarded to the person who has creatively used marketing and public relations to build awareness of the organization and the need to provide content in the right language.

Awarded to Gary Lefman

For more information about the awards and a list of the people selected for honorable mention, click here.

For more information about Translators Without Borders, click here.

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