Inc. gave us a real teaser with this teeny tiny article. What, specifically, did Macy’s do to change its product mix for different markets? What markets did it target? How did it get its demographic and localization information. C’mon Inc. Give us more! Here is an excerpt from Terry Lundgren’s (Macy’s CEO) remarks at the Macy’s annual shareholder’s meeting in May 2011:
My Macy’s localization has been a game-changer for our company and continues to represent a rare, sustainable competitive advantage. Some of our most successful geographic markets in 2010 sales growth were the original My Macy’s pilot districts from 2008, such as Chicago – indicating that our execution continues to improve with experience.
Here is Inc.’s teeny tiny article:
Macy’s Growing Profits Through Localization. The department store chain increased 3Q profits by curating different products for separate markets. Macy’s Inc.’s net income surged in the third quarter as the department store …

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