Guest Post
This is a guest post by our CMO – Marcia Kadanoff.

I’ve long been of the opinion that we are getting close to a tipping point, where it makes sense in some parts of the world to develop for the mobile web first and develop for the desktop web second or not of all. Facts and data are your friends – of course. So I thought I’d do a round up of the data sources available to understand what is going on with mobile, mobile data, and smart phone penetration in just 4 geographies: Germany, Brazil, China, and India.

Here’s the best data sources I found and what I learned.

Key learning

We are not yet at a tipping point where it makes sense to develop for the mobile web ONLY and forego developing content for viewing from a desktop computer. The major issue seems to be China and India, both of which are large markets, both of which are rapidly adopting smart phones, both of which are putting in the infrastructure to support always on and high-speed networks. However, the low-end of these markets remains on feature phones. What this means for your content development needs? It depends on who and what you are targeting. While you can “browse” the web using a feature phone, the browsing experience is sub par. For the next 5 years (at least), we expect to see content developed for the desktop web AND the mobile web. Not for the mobile web alone.

What do you think?

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