May is a big month for us here at Content Rules:

  • Content Rules turns 23 years old
  • Our partnership with The Rockley Group turns 4 years old
  • My marriage turns 27 years old

Content Rules Turns 23!

It’s crazy, isn’t it? Content Rules turns 23 years old this month. Some of our customers were watching Sesame Street when I started the company on May 23, 1994. Crazy!

I started the company as a content development agency, and content development is still the core of what we do. We help companies with technical writing, marketing writing, training development, illustration, design, layout, and so on. Basically, any and every service you need to create brilliant content from start to finish.

As the years have progressed, I’ve added content strategy services (more about that below!), global content strategy services, content optimization, and Acrolinx professional services. Hard to believe, but there are customers who don’t know that our roots are in content creation. But it’s true. If you need help creating content – whether a person to augment your team or an outsourced turn-key service – we are here to help!

When I started Content Rules, I had two basic tenets:

  • High-quality content
  • Delivered on time

Those are still the tenets we live by. High-quality services, delivered on time. It’s not so easy to provide high-quality services on time, every time, for 23 years. It remains our corporate credo.

The Rockley Group Partnership Turns 4!

Our partnership with The Rockley Group also began in the month of May, back in 2013. Content Rules is the exclusive licensee of The Rockley Strategic Method(tm). The Rockley Method was developed by Ann Rockley, Founder and President of The Rockley Group. Ann is also known as the “Mother” of content strategy.

The Rockley Strategic Method enables organizations to design adaptive structured content to reach customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It is used by the world’s leading brands. The method:

  • Identifies customer requirements
  • Defines structured content models for adaptive and responsive content
  • Determines how content will be reused and repurposed across media and devices, and how it will adapt to changing customer needs
  • Identifies the tags (metadata) for retrieval and dynamic delivery
  • Determines how content should be managed throughout the entire content lifecycle
  • Defines the governance policies to manage the content from creation to retirement
  • Recommends appropriate tools and technology
  • Helps organizations to adapt to change

I licensed The Rockley Method for one simple reason: It is the best, most thorough and proven methodology on the market for helping customers move to an adaptive, structured content model.

If you are contemplating a move to structured authoring, please give us a call. We can help.

The Swisher’s Turn 27!

Many of you know my husband, Greg Swisher. Greg is CTO for Content Rules and the technical wizard behind our Acrolinx professional services. He thrills customers on a daily basis, helping them to deploy, configure, and use the Acrolinx optimization software.

Greg and I met when he managed a technical support group for a distributor of networking equipment and I was a technical trainer for one of the vendors. Over the years, we’ve worked together at the same large corporation and we’ve worked at competing companies. Conversations at our dinner table have been animated, and then deathly quiet.

In 2001, Greg joined Content Rules as CTO. The rest, as they say, is history.


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