New name reflects company’s new focus on global readiness

Oak Hill Corporation, a 16 year old Santa Clara-based company that creates technical documentation, training, and marketing collateral for technology-based companies announced today that it is changing its name to Content Rules, Inc. effective February 3rd. The company is rebranding as it launches a new practice area focused on Global Readiness. Content Rules will also be offering a cloud-based technology for mid-market companies built on the Acrolinx IQ software suite.

As part of its rebranding, Content Rules will focus on two practice areas: Global Readiness – a set of products and services to help clients optimize their content for the global marketplace; and Content Creation – where the company works with customers to create technical documentation, training, and marketing collateral. Content Rules has a network of 1,500+ qualified contractors (writers, editors, illustrators, and coders) available on-demand to meet the client’s needs for a flexible workforce. Together, these two practices enable Content Rules to provide its customers with a competitive advantage through content.

“After 16 years of impressive growth and innovation, this practice area meets the new needs of 21st century global companies,” said Val Swisher, Founder & CEO, Content Rules. “As our customers expand their markets and workforce locations around the globe, they need help reigning in the high cost of localization and translation.”

“The company’s new name reflects Content Rules’ laser-like focus on helping clients expand their brands’ assets into more geographies, while keeping their localization budgets under control,” stated Rich Mironov, technology CEO, former Content Rules client and author of The Art of Product Management: Lessons from a Silicon Valley Innovator. “After all, an oak tree is native to North America. Content, on the other hand, should have no geographic boundaries in today’s digital age.”

About Content Rules, Inc.

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Content Rules reduces the cost of globalizing content, allowing companies to expand their footprint into more markets. Implemented in the cloud, ContentRules IQ targets companies with an in-house team, reducing the cost of localizing content by up to 40%, while enforcing control over content quality and brand standards. Content Rules also provides the people and expertise needed in four areas: technical documentation, training development, marketing collateral, and global readiness. Content Rules has been providing clients with a competitive advantage through content since 1994. For additional information on how Content Rules can help your company achieve a competitive advantage through content, visit:

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