Ugur Akinci is, by far, one of the best bloggers on the topic of technical writing. I have personally learned so much from him. In this post, Ugur examines the current state of affairs vis-a-vis the economics of being a technical writer. What he uncovers does not surprise me, it mirrors what I see in the marketplace as well:

  • Most technical writers have jobs, even though they may not be happy about the amount they get paid.
  • Where you live makes a big difference. California remains the highest paying location, along with Massachussetts.
  • Industry sector matters.
  • The “glass ceiling” seems to be at around $100K/year.

Ugur always backs up his statements with facts and this post is no exception.

© Ugur Akinci From time to time I hear from readers who had their own share from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 30s. There is no doubt, the market right now is not as good as it had been just four or five years earlier.

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