Mary and I landed in Palm Springs earlier this evening. We are attending the Intelligent Content Conference at the Hotel Zoso.

I’ve never been to Palm Springs before. It is really lovely. We arrived to a moderately warm breeze (downright balmy if you are from the east coast) and a very clear and beautiful night.

In the shuttle on the way to the hotel we met Mark Pepper from RIM. He is an Information Architect from Waterloo, Ontario. He said there was 3 feet of snow in front of his house…he’s glad to be here!

We checked in and got our registration. It was nice to see Scott Abel, Ann Rockley, and we even ran into our friend Mysti Berry from Salesforce.

Bags in hand, we had a lovely dinner at Matchbox, got some really nice smelling bath salts at Sinfulicious, jumped in the jacuzzi, and called it a day.

Now THAT’S the way to spend the day before the day before the conference, isn’t it?


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