Imagine you are a refugee fleeing a war-torn country. Imagine spending days on a boat at sea and arriving at the shore of a distant land – a land where no one speaks your language. A land where you cannot read anything because you don’t even know the alphabet.

There are so many things that we take for granted that revolve around language. For example, if you are a refugee who is traveling from place to place, something as simple as the weather report becomes very important. Knowing which refugee camps are open and accepting people is critical. And knowing which border crossings are accessible can mean life or death.

Access to information in your local language is tremendously important all the time. It is even more critical when you are far from home, with no place to turn for help.

translators without bordersThis is where Translators Without Borders comes in. Translators Without Borders provides translation to local languages for refugees fleeing from Syria and other dangerous lands. Every day, we translate important information, such as the state of border crossings, the news of the day, and the weather report, into native languages so that refugees have access to information.

And we need your help. We need your donations so that we can provide critical, life-saving information to the world’s displaced people. Please help us by donating any amount. Just click here. Thank you.

The Importance of Language in Times of Crisis

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