In this article by Eryc Branham, General Manager, Social Enterprise at Appirio, Eryc discusses the use of social media for unsuspecting departments throughout the enterprise. His point, and one that is well taken, is that everyone is using social media tools to communicate – both internally and externally. It is time for executives to stand up and take notice.
One of the things that I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about is controlling brand and quality in user-generated content. Everyone is broadcasting these days. Everyone has the tools and ability to say things “out there” about your product, your service, and you. As such, we are no longer in control of what people say.
Just a few years ago, companies had a central clearing house for content –> usually the marketing department. Now that we are losing control of the content, how are we going to preserve brand? I think this is going to be the role of content curators. More on this and my thoughts congeal. In the meantime, read this interesting article from Read, Write, Web.

“In an article last year for the Sales Ops Council, I introduced the idea of the “invisible social enterprise,” how employees are already using social networks to create real business value often without the knowledge of the executive team.”

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