Dear Friends of Oak Hill:

OK. Let me get right to the point. We changed our name. After 16 years of doing business as Oak Hill Corporation, we changed our name to Content Rules, Inc. Our new name reflects the fact that we have opened a new area of practice area here at Content Rules. We still turn on a dime for our clients, providing them with excellent service and highly skilled writers, editors, illustrators, and project managers to fill in the gaps of their in-house team. In addition to these turn-key, on-demand services, we have added a new area of expertise focusing on content Global Readiness.

Why Global Readiness

The companies we work with are going in only one direction. Global. Virtual. Extending their boundaries to sell to customers anywhere at anytime. And as they do, their branded content is being created by disparate groups around the company and around the world.

There’s nothing problematic in this trend – by itself. Except that problems often arise when it comes to controlling the quality of the content, enforcing compliance with brand standards, and reining in escalating localization costs.

ContentRules™ Global Readiness attacks the problem head on: using state of the art technology and an advanced linguistic engine powered by Acrolinx, our technology partner. Our technology works behind the scenes, enforcing the use of your corporate lexicon (custom created for you by Content Rules), and guaranteeing that your content conforms to industry-standard best practices for style and grammar.

Two On Ramps

ContentRules™ IQ is designed for companies who have an in-house team, and want to cut the cost and time required to localize their documents into multiple languages. Clients tell us that using ContentRules IQ ensures that their documents are of higher quality and adhere to brand standards, while offering substantial savings when they translate. Of course, since ContentRules IQ is implemented in the cloud, there are no servers to buy or install, and IT doesn’t even need to be involved. You can learn more about ContentRules IQ by checking out the product here and signing up for a free evaluation and ROI analysis.

If you don’t have an in-house team of writers and editors — and many of our clients don’t — you can still get all the benefits of Global Readiness as a turn-key service.

Why We Changed our Name

With our new focus on Global Readiness, it became apparent to me that the name Oak Hill was not doing us justice. An oak tree – after all – is native to North America and not found in the countries where many of our customers are expanding most rapidly e.g. BRIC and APAC. Instead, I want our name to be associated with creating and optimizing great content for the global marketplace.

Next Steps

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing to remind you about our name change and to provide you with a fun quiz you can take to see if the documents at your company are truly Global Ready. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll pick up the phone, email, or DM me at my new twitter handle (ContentRulesInc) to let me know what you think about our new name and expanded focus.

Warm regards,


Val Swisher
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