2015-content-marketing-predictionsEvery year, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) taps thought leaders in content marketing for their predictions for the following year. This year, CMI has published 60 predictions, including mine:

I predict that companies will pay better attention to their global web presence and make needed changes so they can engage with customers worldwide.

Some of my other favorites:

Brands will recognize the role of editor as the missing link to true content marketing effectiveness. We’ve figured out how to create content and how to publish, but can’t move firmly into brand journalism until we adopt an editorial discipline. – Sarah Mitchell, Head of Content Strategy, Lush Digital Media

People outside of marketing will begin to understand the importance of content. It’s not something that is simply for marketing, but rather it’s an asset that needs to be managed across the organization. The better the coordination and management of the content, the better your customers and prospects will feel about your company as they’ll have a consistent experience. – Michele Linn, VP of Content, Content Marketing Institute

And, of course, we cannot overlook this one:

Google will acquire Twitter, and Salesforce.com will acquire a content management company. —Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer, Content Marketing Institute

What are some of your predictions for 2015?

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