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The Only Way to Deliver Personalized Experiences at Scale Is to Standardize Your Content.

That’s right: standardization enables personalization. We call this brain-twister The Personalization Paradox. To meet your customers where they want you to be, you’ve got to change how you “do” content. This book shows you how.

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Accept My Intelligence: Why AI Should Ask, Not Assume

Accept My Intelligence: Why AI Should Ask, Not Assume

Recently, I was working through some challenges with a custom schema that supports the structured content model for one of my pharma customers.  I needed to take an existing document and lay it out with both the old schema and the new schema and make sure all the...

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What Is a Reuse Map?

What Is a Reuse Map?

A reuse map is a blueprint for planned content reuse. Planned content reuse means that you identify ahead of time exactly which pieces of content will be reused in a specific output.  With planned content reuse, authors do not have to do anything to make the reuse...

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