White Paper

The Five Dimensions of Content Standardization

Enable automation. Streamline process. Content standards make it possible.
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In this white paper, you will learn what content standards are and why they are important. We introduce the Five Dimensions of Content Standardization™ and show you how our content standardization framework makes content FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable). Finally, we suggest some next steps that you can take to prepare your content for the future.

When you clearly document and enforce standards across all Five Dimensions, you are rewarded with content that can be reused seamlessly.

Our Five Dimensions framework enables our customers to:

  • Automate content generation, assembly, formatting, and publishing
  • Reuse content in any output type or file format
  • Deploy artificial intelligence to gain actionable insights
  • Easily exchange information across organizational silos
  • Increase translation quality while significantly reducing cost and turnaround time