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The Personalization Paradox

Why Companies Fail (and How To Succeed) at Delivering Personalized Experiences at Scale

In this book, global content strategy expert Val Swisher and senior content strategist Regina Lynn Preciado show you exactly what it takes to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

You’ll learn: 

  • Why personalized content is imperative to the enterprise
  • Why so many companies fail to deliver – and how to avoid their costly missteps
  • The five dimensions of content standardization
  • The roles of Big Data, taxonomy, and metadata
  • What artificial intelligence can do today and the assistance it promises to provide in the future

The only way to deliver personalized experiences at scale is to standardize your content. That’s right: standardization enables personalization. We call this brain-twister The Personalization Paradox.



Bonus materials include tons of extras from the making of the book, such as interviews, insights, and a free Content Transformation eBook.

Why the Book

The Personalization Paradox has baffled almost every enterprise. This content conundrum has caused many initial attempts at personalization to fail. Some companies even abandon their personalization plans.

And yet, according to Infosys, 86% of consumers surveyed say that personalized content has some impact on what they buy, and 25% say personalization plays a large role in their purchases.

Looking at the data, two things stand out:

1. Most companies say that personalizing the customer experience is a critical “must-have.”

2. Few companies believe they are delivering enough personalized content, or delivering it well.

The message is clear. To meet your customers where they want you to be, you’ve got to change how you “do” content. This book shows you how.

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Bonus materials include tons of extras from the making of the book, such as interviews, insights, and a free Content Transformation eBook.

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Praise for the Book


This is a powerful book on how today’s enterprise can make personalized content happen. Use it wisely and succeed while your competitors flounder.

Joe Pulizzi

Founder, The Tilt and Content Marketing Institute


Finally, a clear, concise, and common sense approach to creating personalized content experiences at scale. Solid advice for now and into the future. A must-read for any content professional.

Scott Abel

The Content Wrangler, Inc.


Many industry experts have written about the importance of personalization, but this is the first book that really lays out the map of how to get there. The authors give you the hard truths, busting more than a few big myths along the way. It’s a realistic look, born from decades of experience, at what you’ll need to consider to make the magic happen.

– Rahel Bailie

Founding CEO, Content, Seriously Consulting


Val and Regina have finally written the long-overdue manual on how to actually realize the potential of personalized content. Following their advice is a sure roadmap to success!

– Leslie Farinella

Chief Operating Officer, Xyleme


Val’s new book is a ‘how to guide’ to enterprise-grade content personalization strategy. ‘The Personalization Paradox’ should be required reading for anyone involved in the digital customer experience value chain.

– Shane Cumming

Chief Revenue Officer, Acrolinx



If you want to revolutionize content strategy for your company, this is the book to read.

– Anna Schlegel

Strategic Globalization and Content Strategy Leader


Personalization is the sexiest thing that no one is doing.

– Robert Rose

Content Strategy and Customer Experience Expert


What I love about it most is that what you’re doing is creating a hierarchy of micro documents. And I’ve not seen that yet.

– Mike Iantosca

Enterprise Content Strategist

About the Authors

Val Swisher

Val Swisher is the Founder and CEO of Content Rules, Inc. Val enjoys helping companies solve complex content problems. She is a well-known expert in content strategy, structured authoring, global content, content development, and terminology management. Val believes content should be easy to read, cost-effective to create and translate, and efficient to manage. When not working with customers or students, Val can be found sitting behind her sewing machine working on her latest quilt. She also makes a mean hummus.

Regina Lynn Preciado

Regina Lynn Preciado is a senior content strategist with Content Rules. She helps companies transform how they organize, manage, and leverage content. Regina works with communicators in marketing, documentation, support, and training — sometimes all at once! Her clients include tier 1 companies in high-tech, life sciences, manufacturing, and financial services. She lives a dogspotting lifestyle.

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