The Pharma Content Evolution: Content Reuse and Automation

Help create safe, effective medicines in less time
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To help create safe, effective medicines in less time, you must change how you “do” content. You need to harness the power of content reuse and automation. You also need to prepare for digital submissions and AI-based content generation. To do that, you need to move toward a component-based, structured authoring ecosystem based on standards.

In this white paper, we show how content reuse and automation streamlines the end-to-end content journey. We include examples of content reuse opportunities inherent to regulatory content and provide an overview of how to create a reuse strategy that works for you.


  • What is the pharma content evolution
  • What is a content reuse strategy
  • The risks and costs of ‘content drift’
  • How content reuse and automation directly impact the business
  • How to create a content reuse strategy
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